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Updating my flash player

Yet many of us still rely on it to show some videos and make accessible web sites for restaurants, hotels and other places that we want to check out.

What's worse is that some malware developers use disguised "Flash installers" as a way to get their malware onto your Mac.

Adobe Flash Player is provided as an integral part of the Black Berry Tablet OS installation.

This means that the Adobe Flash Player update is packaged in the latest Black Berry Tablet OS update, which is released independently of the update provided by Adobe.

When Adobe posts an update to Adobe Flash Player, they typically recommend that affected users of any systems that use Adobe Flash apply the update.It’s important to keep Flash Player up to date if you’re going to use the Flash plug-in or have it installed, whether it’s in Chrome or in another web browser.Personally, I only use the Adobe Flash plugin within the Chrome sandbox environment, and I do not install Flash (or any other plugins) into Safari.Went in through the command line and first renamed to old to libflashplayer.so100 and then copied the new one in to the folder.Restarted firefox but it still says that I have an outdated version of flash. Is there a apt-get command to get the latest update for flash player? I would have thought that as some 40% of the worlds web sites are run with flash player code.

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The Linux version will receive security updates so it should be safe but will not receive new features.

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