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Paranormal dating

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Today's subscriber question covers testing for paranormal activity.

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The Japanese call it the Ma-no Umi: the Sea of the Devil.

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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is a 2015 American 3D found footage supernatural horror film directed by Gregory Plotkin in his directorial debut, and written by Jason Pagan, Andrew Stark, Adam Robitel, and Gavin Heffernan.

Plotkin served as the editor for the past four Paranormal Activity films.

In my opinion, witnessing orbs with your own eyes (in person) is far more credible, and harder to debunk than mere photos of orbs.

If you see a bright, glowing orb with your own eyes (in person, not in a photograph), there's a good chance that it may be paranormal.

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Here are a few examples of orb photographs: Not all "orbs" that appear in photographs are paranormal.