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There is no registration and you don’t need a webcam or a mic to start chatting.Chat Avenue adult chat-rooms will always have thousands of users on at any given time.You’re not going to end up finding that many features.This can end up weighing a user down and making them wonder how much time they’re legitimately wasting here, and considering the low traffic we found here…well.We do not link for ranking, domain authority or any link exchange scheme.Free adult chat rooms offer us a place to meet new people, make friends, or even start full relationships.They don’t even seem to have anything resembling private messaging here.

#1 Chat Avenue The most popular online chat for adults is Chat Avenue.

We found this site to be all scrunched up and hard to read in a normal browser, which is something that a lot of newbies are going to be pretty put off about, we think.

Because of this, this is a site that just doesn’t need to be accessed outside of your phone.

We ended up spending a grand total of three months on our i Sexy Chat rating, and during that time, we sent out a grand total of 100 chat messages to women online. From those 100 chat messages, we could only end up getting a grand total of 15 responses total, which was really not something that we thought to be very impressive.

From those 15 responses, we couldn’t get a single girl to stick around long enough to actually go into a private chat room with us, which really says a lot about the site.

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This was just not good enough, and we weren’t happy about it.

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