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Intimidating eye

They also found that while both infected and non-infected fish would freeze as the silhouette of a bird passed overhead, the infected ones started moving sooner.One of the most powerful means of communicating with others nonverbally is by calling up your most piercing, incisive eye contact.I sometimes also call this the “death stare” or the “predatory look.” It’s the ability to stare into someone else and make her feel as though you’re staring directly into her soul... preparing to DO something to her, though she can only guess at WHAT.

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Eyespots clearly increased hesitation before attacks. Because the birds were naïve, this difference in response to the eyespots was innate.

Importantly, there was no difference in attack latency between 2 and 4 eyespots.

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Early on in life, I learned that not everyone had this ability – in fact, few did.