Dating site for recovering alcoholics single parent dating jerome idaho

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Dating site for recovering alcoholics

If you have not heard it yet, you are not a “bad” person because you are an alcoholic or addict.

That being said, I told my partner I was was in alcohol recovery and didn’t use alcohol or drugs on our first date.

Like on Tinder, two users can only start messaging each other once they’ve each “liked” one another.

Because some recovering addicts want to keep their identities private, there’s a feature that lets users blur out certain parts of their photos.

Gottlieb told the He started wishing there were resources available to help him meet other sober people, and find fun social events that didn’t involve drugs or alcohol.

That was when he connected with an old friend and fellow former addict, Jimmy Hamm, who’d been organizing trips to Montauk for New York’s sober community since 2009. Gottlieb said, “and asked, ‘How can we scale this thing and make these resources available that we never had when we were getting sober? Hamm, but also for people who simply elect not to use drugs or alcohol—no doubt a growing demographic, given the prevalence of Cross Fit and its paleo diet-obsessed devotees.

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Watch this video to hear more about my experience with disclosing that I am in recovery, and please share your own–or your thoughts on the matter–below.