Dating hudson bay point blankets

Posted by / 22-Jul-2017 07:05

Hudson's Bay Blankets help create memories and preserve them for years to come.We believe every Hudson's Bay Blanket has its own story.

100% Authentic, is proud to be the #1 Dealer in the United States for Hudson's Bay Blankets, and can offer discounts to our valued customers because of our buying power.These blankets are made of all sorts of materials, including cotton, linen, silk, synthetic fibers, goose down, and even old clothes.Blankets have come to serve all sorts of purposes, too.It is amazing how many people will call us looking for another blanket and say they have had their Hudson's Bay Blanket for generations.It was passed down from their grandparents, and they remember having sleepovers as a kid and then receiving the blanket as a housewarming gift to provide them with memories of their childhood.

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