Coke can dating

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Coke can dating

The famous script has seen slight changes in more than a century, and some of those adaptations appear below.

1887-1890s – The words "Trade mark" are written in the tail of the "C" in Coca.

Robinson wanted his name for the new product to have an effective and dramatic style of its own.

He experimented in writing out an adaptation of the elaborate Spencerian script, a form of penmanship characteristic of that day.

Robinson wanted it to be -- a distinctive and unique trademark for the drink first sold at an Atlanta pharmacy.

All modern UK canned beer is descended from these small, early cans which helped change the drinking and beer-buying habits of the British public.

We first discuss the "Una Ronald" story as described in Dark Moon.

This irresistible fudge is sure to be a hit this holiday season! I try to relish each and every moment, capture as many pictures as possible, and enjoy the time I have with them when Christmas is just so magical. I’ll see her in the morning and she’ll have just got off her hospital shift a few hours before and amazingly, shockingly, manages to have a smile on her face and a kind word for me. She’s always there to listen to me complain about the little things and to offer support.

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A contentious reference to the sugar limit was removed from a global diet strategy, but the recommendation passed.

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